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Characteristics Ingredients Nutrition Facts
  • Gluten Free
  • No added sugar
  • No sweeteners
  • No additives
  • No junk
    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Contains peanuts and milk.May contain traces of soy and nuts.

    CDR: Cantidad diaria recomendada para la dieta de 2000kl de un adulto promedio según la Organización Mundial de la Salud.


    Discover more (Yes, there's more)

    INCREDIBLE! Cacao & nuts is the only chocolate and peanut snack without added sugar or sweeteners that maintains the flavor of the usual snack. With all the benefits of chicory fiber. The only snack you can eat your fill!

    Natruly better for you

    • WE BREAK THE RULES: eat all you want! Unlike the rest of the sugar-free chocolate snacks on the market, cacao& nuts is the only one without sugar or sweeteners such as steviol or maltitol. Let's change the world bite by bite!
    • TASTE OF ALWAYS: no sugars, no sweeteners, no nonsense. Our cocoa & nuts are sweetened with chicory prebioticfiber. It has the flavour of your usual snack. Take them alone, in snacks or at any time of the day.
    • CHICORY FIBER: chicory fiber is the food that helps to renew the intestinal flora and improves digestion. Its other benefits include lowering blood sugar, increasing satiety, and contributing to weight loss.
    • IT GOES AGAIN BETWEEN HOURS: a milk chocolate snack, with the usual flavor that you can eat without regrets as it is beneficial for your health. The healthy alternative to snack between meals. Ideal for children and adults who love chocolate. Love at first bite!


    "Muy rico, es adictivo!"


    "Muy rico, mucho mejor de lo esperado pero precio algo elevado como para tenerlo siempre en casa para quitar el gusanillo."


    "Son un vicio!! Sabor de 20"


    "Me encantan!!!"


    "Muy buenos , buen sabor y buenos ingredientes"