sin gluten No artificial additives No junk

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Recíbelo mañana * Estimación entrega para envíos a España zona peninsular. Estimación de entrega para Islas Canarias entre 10 y 15 días.
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  • sin gluten
  • No artificial additives
  • No junk
    * procedente de agricultura ecológica
    Contains mustard seeds. May contain traces of wheat.

    CDR: Cantidad diaria recomendada para la dieta de 2000kl de un adulto promedio según la Organización Mundial de la Salud.


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    Dig in and enjoy this irresistible snack made with the best beef and 100% natural ingredients ⚡! Packed with the best quality proteins that will leave you feeling energized.

    Natruly better for you.

    • FULFILLING SNACK: A bag of NATRULY beef jerky contains enough beef jerky to make you feel full for hours thanks to its high protein content. 25g of our dried meat is equivalent to 13.6g of protein.

    • HOW DO YOU MAKE BEEF JERKY? We use 260g of the best quality beef to obtain 100g of jerky. This is seasoned with a tasty homemade mix of spices.It’s then left to air dry and cut into strips.

    • BEEF JERKY ORIGINAL FLAVOR: with a mild flavor for meat lovers. It is seasoned with a mixture of wine vinegar, garlic, sea salt, onion, brown sugar, black pepper, bay leaf, cayenne and ginger. Love at first bite!

    • PROCESSED RIGHT: Our dried meat only contains 0.87g of panela sugar for every 25g bag of jerky. This amount is well below the maximum 5% stipulated for a product to be considered “healthy”processed food).

    • HEALTHY SNACK: If you play sports or exercise you can eat beef jerky before and after training to charge you with energy and help gain muscle mass. Ideal for excursions and those days when you need a quick snack that is fulfilling and that will recharge  you.


    Our pepper-flavored beef jerky is ready to eat, and does not need to be refrigerated. Plus it is easy to carry around. We recommend consuming it within 24 hours of being opened.


    "Un snack muy bueno"


    "El picante perfecto"


    "¿Por que?"


    "Rica pero no muy de mi gusto"


    "Sabor muy bueno y para picar por la tarde perfecto, sacia y te deja muy buena sensacion"


    "Lo compré para picotear en la oficina y me ha encantado, los trocitos de carne tienen un sabor delicioso. Se parece a la cecina."